• Bubble Up NOW

    It's time for everyone to put a protective "bubble" around themselves and others. STAY AT HOME. By doing this, we prevent COVID-19 from having a place to thrive. It's important that we all #BubbleUp, not just those who are considered high-risk.


    When you #BubbleUp, you are making a commitment to protect yourself and others by following the recommendations of your local authorities, the CDC and other leading health experts. This includes actions like washing your hands and avoiding touching your face. However, the most important action we can take right now is STAYING AT HOME.


    Health experts are in agreement--social distancing is needed NOW, not later, in the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic. By staying at home, we slow the spread of this virus, which relieves some of the burden from healthcare workers and saves countless lives.


    For more information about social distancing and other ways we can stop the spread of COVID-19, please review the information presented by a group of concerned healthcare professionals at the Stay Home, Save Lives website.

  • Bubble Up for someone you care about

    Help kids understand the importance of choosing to #BubbleUp. Download our free printable and draw a picture of a person you wish to protect in your bubble. Create multiple! Encourage kids to think about neighbors, healthcare workers, helpers and other special people in their lives, not just family members and friends.

  • Habit Tracker

    Download our Monthly Habit Tracker. The inner ring is already filled out for you (Stay Home!) and you can add up to 4 more good habits you'd like to maintain each month. For each day you complete your habit/goal, color in that square of the calendar. By the end of the month, you'll have a beautiful mosaic!

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